Booty Band


Get your butt in gear and get ready to sculpt that booty. With this Booty Band, you will get the butt you've wanted. Buy this band today and convert fat into muscle giving you the ideal and rounded booty through unique moves and sequences.


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  • Shape your booty This band will make your dream about getting a bikini ass comes true, with toned thighs and firm butt. 15 minutes a day for one month with our booty bands will get you results for those glutes! 
  • Comfort with plenty of padding and comfort around the waist, it does not cause any pain or squeeze your self 
  • Isolate and target glute muscles this band will make you able to perform unique exercises, which will help you tone your thighs with no extra bulk.
  • Easy to carry You can use it at home or at the gym, you can also carry it while you are traveling. This light-weight band will make you able to always have your 5 minutes booty session and train anywhere anytime. 
  • High QualityThis PREMIUM quality Booty Band is made to last forever, it is very difficult to break, but if that is the case and the band gets broken, you can always return it and we will refund you or send a new one.
  • Adjustable Waist Belt the waist belt can be adjustable and fits any type of waist size, no matter what's your weight, this will fit you.
  • Get perfect booty it will strengthen and build all three glute muscles; Maximus, medius and minimus to help you rapidly develop a perky, lifted and firm butt.

Our booty system comes with 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 lb resistance bands. Perfect to change things up when you need more reps, simulate more weight, or to further the challenge as you get that summer bikini body and sprout that booty.

Customers transformations!


I am a fairly strong lean woman. I do weight training and Salsa classes 4 times a week, but I have always struggled with my flat, and no-shape butt. Even proper squats and lunges don't target this area well for me. I was curious about this booty band, but after reading the comments I was not impressed. But I decided to buy and try this band, and I am SO glad I did, this thing is amazing! After only one minute my glutes are on fire and sore the next morning. Nothing I have tried or done has given me this kind of pain. I have used it for 5 minutes at a time 4 times a week for 1 year and 2 months, and you can see my results. I highly recommend this product!


The booty band is great! I've been trying to shape my body for ages with different resistance bands but found them to break easily or not actually work on the glute muscles. This booty band has loops on either end which makes it super comfortable and easy to do the exercises which directly burn my butt muscles. all the exercises are very effective as I feel it in my glutes right away. As I keep getting stronger I keep increasing the repetitions of the exercises. Very happy with the results so far, I just love it. I think you should try this, it will literally change your life as it changed mine.